London Taxis

The Distinctive Black Cab London Taxis

When you are trying to find London taxis you will probably be looking for the iconic black sedans which were the only legal taxis for many years. These traditional “black cabs” are specially designed and constructed vehicles which can come in a variety of different colors and can even have advertisements on them. There are many different models and designs of black cabs which are all designed for the transport and comfort of passengers as well as plenty of room for luggage and the ease of entry and exit. Many people will consider it a highlight of their trip to London to ride in one of the Black Cabs; however, they can be more than just a tourist attraction.

You can either hail London taxis from the street or call and reserve one depending of your needs and preferences. A taxi and it’s driver will have special licensing that must be renewed regularly. This licensing will help ensure that the taxi is in good working condition and that the driver has all of the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and effectively drive you around London and beyond. These licenses are given out by the Taxi and Private Hire Office after rigorous testing which includes knowing the best routes around London by heart. This ensures that your ride in one of London’s distinctive Black Cabs can get you to your destination quickly and safely.

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